About Us

Who we are…

We are a small management consulting practice in West Perth with over 20 years experience in public, private, non-profit, and even professional sport.

We believe that every human being is unique with distinctive strengths (and weaknesses), has something important to contribute, and has a special purpose that needs to be pursued.
Above all, everything we do must be premised on the “Pursuit of Goodness” – considering not just “why, who and what” but “HOW”.

Our Model

If your organisation is experiencing significant change – growth or decline – we can assist.
Our proprietary model helps clarify Purpose, engage your People and achieve peak performance.


Team Directory

📧 Beblin Arvis – +61 8 6377 7605
📧 John Dasey – +61 8 6377 7607
📧 Mikala Garrone– +61 8 6377 7609
📧 Bob Hunter – +61 8 6377 7608
📧 Saarrah Mathinthiran – +61 8 6377 7607
📧 Nick Marvin – +61 8 6377 7606

Detailed profiles of our team members below…

Saarrah Mathinthiran

General Manager

Saarrah MathinthiranSaarrah Mathinthiran gained experience in finance and developed her systems and processes improvement skills at different Western Australian SMEs.

Saarrah has extensive experience in recruiting, placing talent ranging from CEO level to technical and administration. She also provides financial analysis advice for our turn-around, transformation and acquisition clients.

Saarrah graduated from a ISC Paris with a Masters in Finance and has a Masters in Human Resources and Employment Relations from the University of Western Australia.

▷ +61 8 6377 7607 ⋮ ▷ saarrah@marvincg.com

Beblin Arvis


Beblin ArvisBeblin recently completed a Bachelor of Business (Double Major in International Human Resource Management and Economics) at Charles Darwin University.

She has worked in various industries such as retail, hospitality and health. She has more than three years of experience in retail management which includes delivering KPI’s, labour management, managing poor performance, and record management.

Direct +61 8 6377 7605 ⋮ ▷ beblin@marvincg.com

Mikala Garrone


Mikala GarroneMikala completed her undergraduate studies in commerce while working as a retail store manager. In her retail career she specialised in managing store openings across Australia. She is experienced in building and leading successful teams at the frontline of a business. Mikala also has experience in administration within the legal service industry.
▷ +61 8 6377 7609 ⋮ ▷ mikala@marvincg.com

John Dasey

HR Lawyer

John Dasey

Admitted to legal practice in 2009, John Dasey has over 30 years hands- on experience in Workplace Relations and Human Resources.

After initially working for employee organisations, he was a senior HR leader in large commercial organisations for more than a decade, before establishing Dasey Legal in 2018.
Applying a practical approach and a deep knowledge of employment matters, John’s goal is to add value whenever he provides a service. Examples include:
• Creation of readable plain English employment contracts and policies
• Advice on enterprise bargaining
• Advice on award coverage and interpretation of industrial instruments
• Representation in court or Fair Work Commission matters
• Conducting investigation- employee and customer complaints, misconduct etc.
• Managing redundancy processes.
▷ +61 8 6377 7607 ⋮ ▷ john@marvincg.com

Bob Hunter

Senior Consultant

Bob HunterBob’s early working years saw him serve for 16 years in the military, primarily in the SAS as a Troop and Squadron Commander, but also in the Parachute Battalion and as United Nations military observer in the Middle East (Israel).

During his service with the SAS, Bob was directly involved in all aspects of Australia’s Special Forces – National Counter-Terrorism Crisis Management and Response Arrangements. Bob was the Squadron Commander of the SAS unit involved in the tragic Blackhawk accident in 1996.

Past roles include co-founder and the Managing Partner of Osprey International and CEO of Rugby WA.

Bob has a Master of Business Administration (Advanced) a Bachelor of Arts (Military Studies) – Sword of Honour prize and five other graduate and post-graduate qualifications in addition to Squadron Commander, Counter Terrorism (SASR); UN Military Observer (Middle East); Army Officer, LT & Captain (SASR).

▷ +61 8 6377 7606 ⋮ ▷ bob@marvincg.com

Nick Marvin


Nick MarvinNick Marvin is a management consultant, speaker and author.
Over the last 20 years, he has worked closely with two of Western Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs – Jack Bendat and Andrew Forrest – as well as organisations in the public, private and non-for-profit sectors.

Previous roles: Chairman, National Basketball League; Managing Director, Perth Wildcats, Perth Lynx; CEO, World Series Rugby, Western Force.

He is a Fellow of The Australian Institute of Management, a Certified Management Consultant and has an MBA from RMIT University.

▷ +61 8 6377 7606 ⋮ ▷ nick@marvincg.com ⋮ ▷ Read More… Proudly Supporting Compassion