Organisational transformation through performing teams

Nick Marvin We are a small management consulting practice in West Perth specialising in organisational transformation through performing teams (PDF Presentation).
Our proprietary system helps you get the best out of your people.
We do this through focusing on three things: Purpose, People & Performance; achieving results in public, private, non-profit, and even professional sport.
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Trust & Vulnerability – The secret to indomitable teams 10 June 2020 - Of the six core values necessary for performing teams, Trust & Vulnerability form the foundation. In their absence, there can be no meaningful relationship between humans. Not only are these two critical, their symbiotic interrelationship makes it impossible for one to function without the other. Together with Candour & Communication… Continue Reading »»»
Commitment & Accountability – the key to unstoppable teams… 1 June 2020 - Following our last note on Candour and Communication, we turn our focus to the next set in our core values of performing teams: Commitment & Accountability. Commitment Commitment in this context refers to the person’s contribution to the team and the organisation’s purpose. Whilst accountability is about meaningful ‘controls’ (measurements)… Continue Reading »»»
Candour & Communication – Critical to performing teams 25 May 2020 - Candour & Communication, when working together can be a very powerful tool for organisations. They ensure clarity, efficiency and effectiveness. They can accelerate performance, provide agility and most importantly influence the way things are done. Continue Reading »»»