Rethinking Management

It’s time to rethink management – not just for the current environment but for what lies ahead.
Many of the most valuable and successful organisations in the world today, did not exist a decade ago – evidence that a flexible, nimble and proactive approach is required.

Management must move beyond the traditional model of Strategy, Structure and Systems to a far more dynamic model of Purpose People and Performance.

The old Strategy framework is top-down, prescriptive and formulaic having evolved when corporations sought to minimise deviations, systemise people and processes to make them more manageable.

Unfortunately, this has made companies rigid and unable to respond to the fast-paced world of today.

An over reliance on Systems has left employees increasingly disengaged and unable to identify or find meaning in the workplace.

A Structure mindset that focusses on achieving financial and corporate targets at all costs has sidelined the importance of positive organisational culture and values – resulting in far too many scandals.

We need to explore a new way of managing organisations appropriate for the emerging economy, the greater needs of people without compromising ethics and morals.

Purpose People Performance Process


Identifying the organisation’s purpose. Reason for being. Why we exist. What purpose do we serve.


Who do we want here? How do we maximise strengths. How do they meaningfully contribute to the organisation’s purpose.


How do we measure success? What time frames? At what cost? How do we execute our objectives?


Environmental Analaysis ⋮ Comparative Competence ⋮ Creating Value


Culture & Values ⋮ Maximising Strengths ⋮ Contribution to Purpose


Appropriate Information ⋮ Execution Empowerment ⋮ Meaningful Controls


“The big picture thinking and strategic direction that Nick Marvin has been able to help implement into our business over the years has delivered measurable results with invaluable impact to our company. Navigating through the business of sport on a global platform has been something that his proven expertise has helped successfully transform and evolve various areas of the business in an ever changing competitive landscape. Our partnership with Nick Marvin has become a cornerstone for the direction of the business as we feel excited about future scale and growth opportunities long term, and the impact on lives along the way.”
– Aaron Ford – Hype Tours