How organisations can truly engage with their people…

People are the core of any organisation.
Attracting the right people, engaging them with a meaningful purpose and empowering them to perform is critical for success.

Yet, a large proportion of employees are disengaged and even unhappy in the workplace. In America, for example only one-third of employees are engaged, 51% are not-engaged at all and remarkably 16% are actively disengaged with their employer.

In the rest of the western world, disengagement is not much better and the way people engage with their employers has changed.

Employees are far more transient than ever before. They outlive their employing organisations and, most importantly, they no longer identify with their employers but rather with their profession or expertise.

The effect of emerging technology is transforming the workplace – up to 43% of employees work remotely and at unconventional times.

The traditional ‘full-time employee’ model is giving way to a range of more flexible and dynamic ‘work relationships’.

Due to all of the above, people’s expectations of the workplace have changed dramatically. They want:
1. Positive Culture and Values
2. Meaning and Purpose
3. Opportunity to have their expertise, knowledge and strengths maximised
4. A development and learning environment
5. Engagement profile that suits their stage in life

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(This is part#1 of a series on PEOPLE – see part#2 here)