Singular Health

shCongrats to Singular Health Group Ltd on this month’s ASX listing.
marvinConsulting worked with Singular Health during its early phase development and growth with Nick Marvin serving as non-executive director.
marvinHR provided advice on its policies and procedures particularly with regard to people and human resources (Saarrah Mathinthiran).

Scout Surveys gain momentum

Scout SurveysThe Scout – A Survey based on principles practiced over 20 years in corporate, non-profit and professional sport that considers Character (Honesty, Humility & Hard Work), Affinities & Emotionalities, Engagement Factors and Communication modalities.

Bringing it all together on one page – giving team members, leaders, managers and HR professionals a useable, working tool for high performance.

We’ve completed a few hundred real-life engagements in a range of environments and the results have been quite remarkable. You can read more about it here.

OutsourcedHR services in demand

outsourced HREssential to the management (and leadership) of people in organisations is a robust Human Resources (HR) function.

Whilst it is a managers responsibility to attract, engage and inspire her/his team, the administration and compliance can sometimes be a distraction.

Sometimes, even good managers may need assistance with guides and systems to help them better care for their people as well as provide the right environment for them to perform.

Our OutsourcedHR service does just that. In addition to proven frameworks, you can lean on a team of experts in leadership, management, HR law and IR & ER. All for as low as $1,000 a month. You can read more about it here.

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