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Some key links and information on COVID-19 including articles from Harvard Business Review.
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Thinking through & beyond Covid-19

Six practical considerations for your Covid-19 exit strategy… by Nick Marvin - As we head towards the COVIDI9 exit, organisations must re-evaluate how they engage in what will be a new world order. Reverting to legacy business models may well leave some flat-footed or even redundant. Over-reaching on a short-term spike or anomaly could be a deceptive distraction. Finally, betting the house… Continue Reading »»»
Looking beyond the crisis… by Nick Marvin - There have been numerous articles published recently about managing through the current crisis: how to work remotely, accessing government assistance, health tips and the like. But considering the present circumstances and even the recent past give us great insights into what lies ahead...and preparing for the future is just as… Continue Reading »»»
I just called…the wonder of a phone call! by Nick Marvin - How sport can lead through Covid-19 (Some random thoughts that I shall update, time permitting) Throughout my time as a sports administrator, I've always treasured the power of a phone call...particularly from a player or coach to a fan. We've also had great success from other initiatives such as birthday… Continue Reading »»»
Things that make me go hmm… by Nick Marvin - Healthy mullets or the handsome dead? COVID-19 Restrictions - Australia - Haircuts Surely, we can go a few days without a trim, a colour or cut... Firstly, the idea of not 30-mins but sometimes an hour or two in close proximity. Then there is the question of equipment sterilisation (which… Continue Reading »»»
9 Questions for organisations to consider when responding to COVID-19… by Nick Marvin - The current environment has disrupted our lives and how we live it. Leaders must consider carefully and swiftly how they manage through these times. Whilst there are great risks, there are also opportunities. Most importantly, society requires us to rebound and re-purpose ourselves to respond effectively and efficiently. Following are… Continue Reading »»»

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