Focus on the outside

To read the full article subscribe to our newsletter. Practicing management over more than two decades has resulted in numerous insights. In fact every day, we learn from our clients, our peers and the world around us. We believe in sharing these insights and welcome … Read more

Outsourcing Life

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is the buzz word of this decade, pioneered by the Indians who through their insatiable desire for education and knowledge have raised a generation of English-speaking graduates in their millions waiting to serve the world. But whilst the Indians may … Read more

The Integrity Myth

In almost any poll of managers, employees, CEO’s or leaders, integrity is always rated in the top three values they aspire to, see themselves as having, or require in the organisation’s they work for. It has almost become a buzz word. Some have argued that … Read more

Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s the individual’s responsibility to maximise strengths whilst it’s the manager’s responsibility to minimise tweaknesses by providing support structures to compliment them. There is a tendency amongst many managers to focus on weaknesses of employees and constantly try to improve them. We believe addressing weaknesses … Read more

Good manners please

Good manners are the grease that keeps the moving parts in all organisations working together smoothly and efficiently. This applies to as much to management as it does in society. I’ve always insisted on this in every organisation I’ve managed – starting with swearing. There … Read more


Whilst management is often focussed on doing new things…commencing new strategies it also useful to consider the process of strategic abandonment. In business and in life I practice strategic abandonment. What is it that we are doing at present that we must stop doing? What … Read more