How to address concerns in the work place…

Addressing concerns in the work place can be uncomfortable. We all like to be liked – especially at work, where we spend most of our waking hours. So most of us tend to avoid conflict. To postpone the difficult conversation. Or at worst, not have … Read more

Singular Health

Congrats to Singular Health Group Ltd on this month’s ASX listing. marvinConsulting worked with Singular Health during its early phase development and growth with Nick Marvin serving as non-executive director. marvinHR provided advice on its policies and procedures particularly with regard to people and human … Read more

The pursuit of goodness…

What is our defining purpose?

Amidst this fast-paced world where we feel we are are either fighting for survival or competing for success we may sometimes lose sight of the end game.

Are we paying enough attention to the “Why”? Our Purpose!

In an earlier article we asked: How will we lead our lives?

The sum total of our efforts. Everybody in their life will leave behind a body of work – It is important to reflect on what that would look like.

The pursuit of goodness is a natural extension to that question.